Our church wouldn’t be what it is without the awesome people who continually show up and serve.
Is there a volunteer here that you believe makes LIFE better? Nominate them for our monthly Volunteer Spotlight!
Please share with us how the volunteer you nominated Makes Life Great!

Terry Leath

December 2022
Terry Leath is a rare human being. She carries herself with such grace, while also shouldering the burdens of others. Her capacity to serve and support her family, church, and those in need sets her apart from the world around her.   On a weekly basis you can find her playing piano on stage, as well as helping the worship arts team through mentoring, event planning, and the development of culture and community. 

Life Church would not be what it is without Terry’s heart for people and God. She is a gem, a diamond in the rough, and a blessing from God.

Dennis Grandt

November 2022
 We are so thankful for Dennis! He brings such thoughtfulness and fun into every area in which he serves. He has prayed often with our Prayer Team on Sunday mornings. He leads a young adults' group. You can find him in Fresh where he has a blast playing games and connecting with teens. He also brings that same excitement and engagement to LifeKids where he serves as a teacher. He is always creating new, fun ideas to include everyone (no matter what age) with that special Dennis flair. 

We love Dennis here at LifeChurch and now we get to enjoy his sweet wife Dasha as well. Thank you for all you do! 

Terri Tucker

October 2022
 Terri Tucker has been involved in many different LifeChurch volunteer teams over the years. She’s known for her dedication and diligence. If there’s ever a need for cleaning up, you’ll find Terri in the middle of it, without needing to be asked! She never wavers or complains and is easily one of the friendliest people in LifeChurch, even the world! Her contributions are endless—from greeting, working at the food pantry, to doing her thing at the coffee bar. Her hugs are simply the best. 
Thank you, Terri, for your heart to serve and your gift in making people feel loved. We love you!

Rob Radake

September 2022
 Rob Radake has a heart of gold and a Kingdom perspective. He serves this church in many capacities, including running sound, using his skills as an electrician to fix or install things, and is always ready to step in and go above and beyond. He does this on a weekly basis when he cleans and wipes down microphones, equipment on stage, and the production booth in the back. He does these things without ever having been asked, and he does them with a heart of worship and gratitude. 
Thank you Rob for showing us what it means to serve like Jesus.

Lupe Castello

August 2022
 Lupe is queen of serving incognito, behind many different LifeChurch scenes. She regularly and readily volunteers to contribute to our Fresh events by providing whatever it is that may be needed, and her heart for God’s house shows in her willingness to face any challenge or project head on— whether it’s leading multiple life groups, helping cook food for the men’s breakfast, setting up for our women’s events, or simply making sure on a weekly basis that the bathrooms are sanitized and ready for our church services. Her heart to obey and do what God has called her to do is reflected in every “yes” that she gives as a wholehearted offering. Lupe, we honor you today. LifeChurch is certainly cleaner, fresher, better, and more filled with joy because of you. 
Thank you for your generosity and faithfulness. You are so appreciated and loved!

Staci Venatta

July 2022
We are so thankful for Staci and all the joy she brings to LifeChurch. Staci is always ready to step in with a helping hand. She has brought her love, compassion, and expertise in education into Lifekids by helping us better serve the families of LifeChurch. Staci is the epitome of the love of Jesus, and she shines her light bright in every encounter she has in and outside our church. 
Thank you Staci for sharing your big heart with us all! We are better for it.

Dan Ingrim

June 2022
Dan the Man! He’s your guy!
Dan Ingrim is one of those key volunteers who do so much behind the scenes to help keep LifeChurch in great shape! He repairs holes in the sanctuary walls, does other inside and outside building repairs, organizes our storage areas, prepares for Communion, serves faithfully at the Food Pantry, devotes time and resources to our Mission trips, and is readily available to do just about anything needed.  Dan is also a many-faceted Life Group Leader (sometimes co-leading with his wife, Eileen) on various topics like learning Spanish, making the church beautiful inside and outside, and teaching on the Holy Spirit – all within one session of Life Groups! Dan … we love and appreciate you beyond words! 
Thank you so much for all you do, whether seen or unseen.

Sandy Dummerth

May 2022
This month we are happy to spotlight Sandy Dummerth as our volunteer for May.
Sandy is an amazing mother of eleven children, and has been serving LifeChurch since the beginning ... literally, since the church began in the early 1980’s. She has worn many volunteer hats over the years, and more recently you will find her meeting our new visitors at the Welcome Desk, preparing the elements for our communion services, serving on the JOYs planning committee, and even running errands all over town for the Food Pantry or whatever else is needed. Sandy is willing and HAPPY to serve our church whenever and however she can. 

Sandy, we love and appreciate you so much, and we are so very thankful for all that you do!

Gary G'Sell

April 2022
This super great guy is more than your average volunteer.
Gary G’Sell is like a superman who is everywhere … serving the Food Pantry onsite and offsite; weekly serving to prepare the building for various events and our awesome Sunday services; he and his wife team together to lead our amazing Greeters and spearhead our Trivia fundraising event for the Girls’ Home in Ethiopia. Gary has also led various Life Groups, particularly a men’s group that has been ongoing for several years! Gary has a servant’s heart that is bigger than you can imagine and everything he does displays God’s love for others.

Gary, we love you, we appreciate you, and we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do! Keep it up Superman!

Beth Lofton

March 2022
Beth has such a servant's heart for this church. She has faithfully and happily served in Life Kids for years, organizing the monthly volunteers and making sure it runs smoothly every week. She has helped run Operation Christmas Child each year. She also helps with our women's events and anywhere else she is needed. She pours from the heart and spreads the love of Jesus everywhere she goes.

We love you, Beth!

Clarence Jasper

February 2022
This guy is a big teddy bear, but also a lion at heart when it comes to living life with and for others. Clarence is kind and sincere to everyone. He likes to have fun with other volunteers as well as our guests, whether he is greeting on a Sunday morning, serving at the Food Pantry, or leading a Life Group. 

Life is so very grateful for Clarence and how he loves others. Clarence, we tip our hats to you and thank you for being an excellent example of what it means to Dwell in Love and to Echo Hope to all those around you. 

We love you, Clarence!

Candice Miclow

January 2022
Candice makes everyone’s life better just by being herself. She is an amazing leader, a friend to everyone, and a powerful prayer warrior who helps lead our volunteer prayer group on Sunday mornings. She loves God with all her heart and everything she does is bathed in prayer. She shows others how to walk closer with God as she prays with people through their toughest challenges and encourages them to stand on God’s Word. Candice faithfully volunteers at most food pantry distributions, praying and echoing hope to the people who enter our parking lot. She is a delight to be around and spreads the joy of the Lord everywhere she goes. 

We thank God for the gift of Candice, and we thank her for making Life better by sharing her authentic faith and journey with us. We love you, Candice!

Keith Wessel

December 2021
Keith makes Life better by bringing energy and excitement everywhere he goes. Echoing hope is what he does best. Whether he is sharing a word of encouragement in the huddle, greeting people on the parking lot during food pantry distributions, or leading us into new ways to echo hope in our community, our country, or in Mexico, he continually exudes enthusiasm, hope and joy. He is a friend who loves at all times and always sees the best in everyone.

Thank you, Keith, for letting the love of God shine through you so brightly. We love you!

Pat Clay

November 28, 2021
Pat Clay makes Life better by being a consistent presence. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Echoing Hope at the food pantry is one of his greatest passions – whether setting up and tearing down the parking lot, picking up and putting away tons (literally) of food every week or helping with food prep time – everything he does, he does with a smile and a loving heart. Pat can also be found under a truck or tractor getting it in tip-top working condition or on the parking lot helping with any of our events.

Thank you, Pat, for your heart to bless everyone around you as you serve at LifeChurch!

Shawn Madzen

November 21, 2021
Shawn makes Life better with his artistic talent, relentless dedication, fierce loyalty, and strong desire for himself and his family to be a part of this church community. He serves almost every week, capturing special moments on camera that help us to both remember and share what God is doing here - and Shawn's life and faith are part of that story.

Jean Prichard

November 14, 2021
Jean makes everyone’s life better by just being in it. Not only does she volunteer with the JOYs (Just Older Youth group), but she also welcomes people, is a prayer warrior,
encourages those around her, helps with any church event she can, and blesses the staff almost daily.
She spreads joy everywhere she goes!
Her smile lights up a room with the love and joy of Jesus. You can find her in any location of the church, and when you find her, she will have a smile on her face.

Thank you, Jesus, for Jean, and thank you, Jean, for all you do to lighten the workload, encourage the people around you, and keep the JOYs on track. We love you!

Lydia O'Connor

November 7, 2021
Lydia makes life better by bringing a huge amount of heart and a little bit of spunk to every relationship and encounter. She is a tremendous asset to LifeChurch and leads our Fresh youth with passion.
She not only comes up with creative ideas to draw teens in, but she genuinely wants to see them love God and succeed in life. In addition to serving in youth, Lydia can be found greeting people at our welcome table or helping in LifeKids 6-12 for the monthly Fresh takeover.

Thank you, Lydia, for the excellence you bring to every area in which you serve at LifeChurch!